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Christopher Reilly

LOST Sticker Club

LOST Sticker Club

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Do you like stickers? Of course you do. Stickers are fucking cool. Ensure that you never run out again by subscribing to my monthly sticker pack club. Have a fat stack of hand drawn, stamped, printed, vinyl, and die-cut stickers delivered directly to your mailbox each and every month. Delight your neighbours by decorating your town with a huge collection of original and unique designs.

Each pack contains a combination of:

  • Hand drawn graffiti stickers
  • Permanent die-cut stickers
  • Collab stickers with artists from around the world
  • Vinyl stickers
  • Thermal stickers
  • Stamped stickers
  • Graffiti stickers from artists worldwide

Packages ship on the 1st of the month.

Oh, and send me pictures to share on insta. @reilly9578

#isthisart #thisisart #reilly9578 #artishard #lost ##postgraffiti #canadianartist #graffitistickers #stickerclub

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