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Christopher Reilly

My Mistakes

My Mistakes

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Every once in a while, I fuck up a shirt. These shirts are still totally wearable, the are just not perfect. The print might be crooked, off centered, smudged, or faded. It might be a test print of a new design, or an attempt at new colour scheme. Some are great.... Some are shit... but they clothe your body just the same.... BUT FOR FREE!  

Save these from the landfill and send me $5 to help offset the cost of shipping. Take a gamble on these FREE mystery shirts and I'll add a stack of stickers to beautify your town with. And every once in a while, I'll send out a perfect shirt. Just for fun. ❤️

I keep as many as I can for myself (I ONLY wear ones that I fuck up) but Really I can't use a 3XL. Yet.

Anyways, these guys are (poorly) hand screened in Canada on Gildan heavy cotton shirts. Size chart is in the photos. 

***Sizes are accurate. Know your size. Im sorry, but with the cost of offering free shipping, I cant afford returns if you choose the wrong size. Again, no returns if you choose the wrong size.

Thank you! ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️

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